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An anonymous reader writes: G-d told me to build an Ark. I believe an ark can built in 6 days.
Please read entirely. I do not own a business. I do not have any copyrights or patents. I seek funding of any size. This is my story.
I am Lawrence Palomo, In August 2011 G-d asked me to build an Ark and gather plants and animals. I was told there would be an event in the future. I was not told when, or any details about this event. After thinking over what G-d had spoken to me, I would end up believing that G-d wanted me to build a metaphoric ark, a strong unified household. It was in November 2011 that Jesus Christ visited me in spirit form. He told me that a physical Ark was necessary and gathering animals was an important mission.
My ideal vision is to start the largest animal and plant preservation effort in history. Complementing the preservation, a replica of Noah's Ark or a larger ship will be designed and built. Either the replica Noah's Ark or a larger ship will ideally undergo various upgrades detailed below.
Noah's Ark as written in The Book of Genesis was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, 30 cubits high, OR 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.
My upgrades include:
Green house on the deck.
Solar panels that can extend out, and return in.
Robots to manage plants/crops.
Automatic feeding and cleaning for the animals.
Biogas engine (utilize human/animal waste product that can be converted into energy).
Automated watering systems for plants.
Hydroponic farms with humidity and temperature controls.
Water filter (ideally reverse osmosis filter with additional filters for salt water conversion).
Reservoir/ water.
After some research and development, and tweaks, I believe the following equipment can be utilized on this Ark Project.
Daimler Turbo Compound DD16 Electric Power Generation
SkySail automated 80sq.meter 200kw traction kite
SunPower Solar Cells. 400sq. meter rated at 70kw
GM Allison Electronic Controls. Kinetic Energy Regeneration (KER)
Maurer Sohnes ATMD. Motion Damping Regeneration. (MDR) 50kw
Voith Advanced Propulsion surface drives
Carbon Composite Hi-Efficiency Wave Piercing displacement hulls
Advanced aerodynamic radar canopy with PV wing spoilers
Energy efficient equipment. AC & refrigeration with Waste Heat Recovery
Plug-in computerized Energy management, maintenance & Guidance systems
GM Allison ESS2 Battery Storage UPS rated at 2,000kw
This project can easily create five hundred jobs. The effort to preserve plants and animals is a great project for this generation, and a testament to humanity, and a testament to all individuals that involve themselves with this project. I believe the Ark can be constructed in six days, similar to the “Ark Hotel” In China was built in six days. Video link to 15 stories in 48 hours:
Also a 30-story building was constructed in 15 days in China. I believe filming the construction of the project can be profitable, and lead to more Arks being built. This Ark could yield valuable research that similar to the International Space Station, this Ark could be a experiment. Being self-sufficient and sustainable is the goal. This project could help with research to colonize the moon/mars/living in space.
I am seeking land, labor, and capital and funding of any size. I am seeking investors to start a joint venture. One idea is to have a IPO, an initial public offering, to raise funds. Depending on how the project is developed, there is a possibility of tax-deductible donations. Donate what you can to help build this Ark. I am always open to new ideas on how to fund raise for the Ark.
What cannot be determined until some initial fund raising is how much upgrading can be done to the purposed replica of Noah's Ark. Investing in new technologies will increase the value of the Ark, and will be fundamental to conducting research. Additionally what cannot be determined is the number of Animals and amount of diversity that can be accomplished until initial funding and research is conducted. Similarly the size and extent of the effort to preserve plants cannot be determined until initial funding and research is done.
I have estimated the costs to build an Ark with upgrades to be between $10 million dollars and $50 million dollars, and the entire project could cost between $50 million dollars and $100 million dollars, these amounts are NOT absolute. They are subject to change. A few listed costs: construction location(s), labor, materials, technologies purchased/utilized, building/construction contractors, fuel, transportation costs, laws, rules, regulations, and fees.
Reasons to build an Ark:
To full fill the message from G-d.
This project would be the largest gathering of Life, plants and animals.
Be apart of a ever lasting testament.
The Ark will carry value, it will be an asset, as well as all things included in the project.
Multiple hydroponic farms will yield excessive crops.
Large investment in solar and green energy will yield excess energy.
Construction of the Ark will create jobs.
Preserve animals and plants from extinction.
Act as a seed bank to house seeds for future generations.
Can become a tourist attraction.
With upgrades can become a traveling zoo.
With upgrades can yield valuable research.

Be apart of what I believe is the largest animal preservation project to be conceived in history. I believe everyone that contributes will be blessed in this life time and the next.
Thank you for your time. God Bless us all.


(951) 240-7153
Additional information:
Other Arks constructed around the world. None at which include live animals.

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Build an Ark in 6 days

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