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Billly Gates writes: SWTOR, the once considered WOW killer last year, is going free to play. A few other games notably Lord Of The Rings Online also have gone this route profiting from players buying in house game items. So far according to EA the differences are small like less war-zones for free players and Cartel coins to purchase custom visuals for your equipment are available for purchase for these players. Subscription players get free Cartel coins each month for free. EA also is willing to give former players free coins compounded to months played to rejoin by November, 20th.

I still play it and love it, however others have left as it was not as mature as World of Warcraft with its 7 years of expansions on day 1 of SWTOR. With the latest patches SWTOR is trying to fill in these voids with a new elite droid companion as well as a flashpoint finder and more raids.

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Star Wars the Old Republic goes Free to Play

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