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Submission + - Open Source, Creative Commons, or Public Domain Story Universes?

rcragun writes: "I haven't professionally published any of the fiction I've written, but I am drawn to writing it on occasion (I have published much of my non-fiction). During a recent writing session I began to wonder if it wouldn't be easier to write a story within an existing story universe. (Is there a name for that? e.g., a "storyverse"?). Of course, many of the famous ones are proprietary and would require licensing rights (e.g., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.). That led me to wonder if there is a website where people can share the details of a story universe. Basically what I was envisioning was something like an "open source" equivalent of software: an "open storyverse". Such a website might have a page for each story universe, providing details on all of the characters, information on timelines, rules, deities, maps, technologies, etc. Once a story universe is created, anyone could write a story using those characters and the rules of that universe. All the stories within the universe could be linked to from the story universe's page, and so on. I couldn't find anything like this online, but perhaps there is one. If not, maybe one of the digital rights organizations would be interested in creating and managing one (e.g., EFF, WikiMedia Foundation,"
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Open Source, Creative Commons, or Public Domain Story Universes?

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