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United States

Submission + - OpenStreetMap party will focus the US (openstreetmap.org)

An anonymous reader writes: The OpenStreetMap community announces, that they will start the second 24hrs sprints at the weekend of 23.-25.11. On several local parties will geohackers start contributing free data to support the local community in the USA, that is still very small. Currently only very big cities are mapped in high detail, but most areas are covered with imported data, that have still bugs. As the infrastructure is very similar to Europe, the community hopes, that a lot mappers will help to add objects as buildings,landuse, ... and check the current data. Even if this won't improve the whole nation in a single step, this might start hotspots where people see, what is possible with OSM and how useful open data is :)
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OpenStreetMap party will focus the US

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