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Kulsmash writes: "I am hoping to find someone that knows of software that will turn an old pair of headphones with a microphone into a pair of active noise canceling headphones. Bose and other companies have headphones that use a microphone to detect noise and then filter it out somehow. My logic is that if a regular pair of headphones has a microphone, isn't it possible to run a piece of software that would detect the background noise and essentially do what Bose does but on the cheap. Thanks in advance to anyone that know more."
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Noise Cancelation Software

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  • Noise cancelling headphones are simple in theory, but complex in practice. On a basic level they take the external noise, invert the phase and mix it in to the desired signal so it subtracts at the ear, but to do this properly the mic needs to be as close to the ear as possible to minimise phase angle differences across the audio spectrum (two mics required). The noise signal also has to be equalised as though it's passed through the headphones shell to avoid adding more noise back in than it subtracts, and

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