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An anonymous reader writes: I'm writing to ask if you might have some time to speak with me about developing a story on online privacy. It is estimated that online shoppers will spend more than 54 billion dollars this holiday season, accounting for more than 24% of all U.S. retail spending during this time. All of this activity, all of this personal information and choices of people shopping online, are followed by various advertising and tracking companies whose scripts are embedded on these websites in an attempt to track your online behavior-and later target ads to you.
Ghostery is a browser tool that scans pages for scripts, pixels and other elements and notifies the user of the companies whose code is present on the page. Ghostery allows you to see what is happening behind your browser, to learn more about the companies whose code appears on the page (and their practices), and to block the page elements from loading if you so choose. Ghostery gives you the opportunity to exercise choice and helps you understand how companies collect and use your data- often to target ads to you. Ghostery also gives you the ability to opt out of targeting if you wish.
As you know, online privacy has been a popular topic of late and its use in politics was spotlighted in the press in the past few weeks in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on Bloomberg TV. Below are a few examples of such stories.
I encourage you to download Ghostery (free download available at as using it is the best way to get its full effect. In addition to Ghostery’s' unparalleled transparency, it is able to scan pages without disrupting your browsing experience by either slowing down your browser or not allowing your web pages to load completely. Other products on the market simply block tracking, which may cause websites not to function properly. With Ghostery, consumers can see and make their own choices in real time.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss Ghostery with you and walk you through the download. Please let me know when you might be available to do so. You can reach me by phone or email.
Best regards,
Annie Oberfield
WIT Strategy

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Online Privacy- Who's in Control?

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