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H3rm3$ writes: Enjoy some music as you read [spam URL stripped] As the internet is increasingly becoming under government surveillance [spam URL stripped] [spam URL stripped] it would seem things like free speech and privacy are starting to become a thing of the past.
But only to their disappointment thy seem to be finding out how sharp are teeth are. [spam URL stripped] / [spam URL stripped] And that's only few examples of what some amazing hackers are doing for are liberties.
  From helping with the revolution in Egypt, to allowing the people of China & north Vietnam to have uncensored news & speech. And what i find to be sades example giving American journalist freedom from fear of the espionage act, a law created in 1917, a 95 year old law only used twice. Until recently, the new and current administration has used it six times to silence reporters and others in only two years of them being in power. So as a new war for freedom is being waged i say, vivla darknets!

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re:the rise of darknets

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