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Submission + - Intel Dominates Top500 Supercompurer List (

An anonymous reader writes: Intel is running away with the supercomputer market, despite heavy competition from the Nvidia's Tesla K20 series and AMD's recently announced FirePro S10000 series. Intel's Xeon Phi coprocessor with up to 60-cores per chip was an integral part of the Top10 List and overall 76 percent of the Top500 supercomputers were using Intel Xeon processors. In 2002 Intel was only a minor player in supercomputers, but despite its losses in low-end PCs and tablets over the last decade, Intel seems to be taking over the high-performance computer (HPC) market. Not sure how Nvidia and AMD will respond, but the ease of programming Intel's Xeon Phi, which is x86-based, seems to be tilting supercomputer makers toward Intel.
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Intel Dominates Top500 Supercompurer List

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