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AnezkaNapea writes: ""China space program in 2013." On the 11th, a number of foreign media reported that China will be the 10th launch of Shenzhou manned spacecraft in the first half of next year,, Chang E III launch and sangrakwol a patrol investigation task will be the implementation of the second half, message . Some Western media, in emotion while China's space exploration to a new level, also tangled in what should be worried or should regard China as a space exploration partner. Aerospace field, a Chinese expert on the 11th of the "Global Times" reporter, said that China is carried out in accordance with the established policy of the space program. "Next year is a critical year for us."
Radio France International and a number of foreign media quoted eighteen Congress on the 11th, Niu Hongguang, deputy commander of China's manned space project, said the news media interview, said the Shenzhou spacecraft planned for launch in early June 2013, three The astronauts will again visit the Temple One. Ma Xingrui, another 18 representatives, general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, said that the second half of 2013, China will implement Chang E on the 3rd launch and sangrakwol the patrol survey tasks. Long March V rocket is expected to first flight by the end of 2014, China in 2020 after building a space station.
The above message is reproduced for the first time a number of foreign media and reports. BBC on the 11th, said China plans to launch Shenzhou-10, July-August as a backup launch window in early June next year. The ten astronauts of God may be two men and a woman. The report commented that it will build own space station in 2020, China has taken a big step.
Agence France-Presse said, the Chinese space program as a sign of the country to rise and science and technology to constantly enhanced. So far, only the United States in the last century, the astronauts landed on the moon. The report commented that China will be launched in the second half of next year, Chang E on the 3rd and achieve sangrakwol, which will be China's first aircraft capable of a soft landing on extraterrestrial objects.
Pay close attention at the same time, some foreign media also reveals the tangled state of mind. NBC said that the Chinese in aerospace technical progress in the United States triggered two attitudes. On the one hand, it was a skeptical look at the satellite interceptor missiles in development intentions lack of transparency. On the other hand, some people think that China can become potential allies of the development of space, the commercial value of the space can be jointly developed with the United States.
Web site of the United States "space" issue such a question, "whether the United States to China's space program worried about?" The site published an article saying the Shenzhou series of "capsule" aircraft, but China is quickly catching up, allegedly being The research can be many times the flight of the space shuttle. The article quoted experts as saying the speed of China's entry into the space shuttle era is probably faster than anyone imagined. Either way, China's space program is absolutely worthy of national policy makers seriously.
Space expert Pang Zhihao 11, 2009, the "Global Times" reporter, said that China is in accordance with the steps to carry out the space program: Shenzhou, Shenzhou six astronauts into space and then return safely. The second step is to break through the spacewalk, the intersection of docking and space lab technicians. Are now at the stage in this step of the nexus. Shenzhou the 10th next year to complete the task, we basically mastered the intersection docking technology. The next step is the development of the Temple II and III, to master space laboratory technology and cargo spacecraft technology. The third step is to master space station technology, that the long-term manned space technology and large-scale development of space resources in 2020."

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China's space program in 2013 Western media reveal the tangled state of mind

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