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CuteSteveJobs writes: Rob Williams warns that Microsoft has included built-in advertising in the standard apps that come with Windows 8: Finance, Weather, Travel, News and so forth. While advertising is a valid way to distribute free software, no one expects ads in a piece of software that they just paid good money for. There is no warning and the ads can't be disabled. Because Windows 8 signon can be tied to a particular e-mail, it allows Microsoft to do the sort of tracking Google can only dream of. Developers are already unhappy with Windows 8, and Matthew Murray questions the wisdom of Microsoft so badly neglecting its still large desktop customer base to chase tablet users: Apple didn't need to gimp OS/X to sell iPads. Has Microsoft lost it?.
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Microsoft sneaks built-in advertising into Windows 8

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  • Microsoft have always had rouble identifying who their customers are, with the users often receiving the short straw. I have seen Microsoft with each release of windows becoming more intrusive. With its introduced features first toothless and ineffective or opt-in, suddenly mandatory and effective. The usual culprits are to blame...on an OS that you can't help paying for. I don't see the campaigns like I did with Vista, and that is nothing like thee scale of abuse Windows 8 is. Have we become immune to the

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