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Submission + - Do I have ADD? Does it matter?

An anonymous reader writes: I'm a 37yr old man, father of three boys, two of which have been diagnosed with ADHD (to different degrees). My mother has told me stories about how much our oldest son (now 7) and his behaviors remind her of me when I was that age. Perhaps I did have AD(H)D, but diagnoses like that weren't anywhere near as common as they are today. Only in reflecting on my sons' behaviors have I considered that I possibly (still?) carry some similar markers of ADD. I'm far from "hyperactive" but do find from my online research that having ADD is not at all implausible. I've never taken any kinds of the commonly-prescribed drugs for the disorder.

I'm easily distracted, especially in conversation; I may entirely forget what was said to me, or if I do remember, I can't recall who said it. This can be particularly irritating for my wife, of course. Yet on the whole, I've gotten by in life fairly well. Is there any benefit in seeking a diagnosis of ADD for myself, and, were I diagnosed, would any pharmaceutical or other paths significantly improve on my shortcomings? I'm interested in hearing from others who may have faced similar situations.
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Do I have ADD? Does it matter?

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