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Submission + - How To Tell if Your Hotel Guest Is a Terrorist (schneier.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Bruce Schneier takes a look at a list from the Department of Homeland Security which details 19 suspicious behaviors for hotel guests as indicators of possible terrorism. Further discussed is the DHS initiative "If you see something say something", and the possible problems with recruiting amateurs for security, and likely result of getting amateur security in return.
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How To Tell if Your Hotel Guest Is a Terrorist

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  • I'm a former german "Unteroffizier" from the signal corps, equivalent 1st Sergeant in the US Army. After having finished my service and entered the reserve status, I got a security assessment from the german MAD, something like US Army Intelligence.

    Among other more or less silly questions, two oft them stuck out:

    "Are you or have you been member of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands)?

    - well this party had been outlawed and didn't exist since when I was the age of 2 (1956)

  • thats just about every thing i do at when i go to a hotel i mean come on why would i use their wifi when the guy in the next room is sniffing their net work

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