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CWmike writes: "Google confirmed a dropoff in traffic to its sites in China on Friday, echoing an online report that the company's services are being blocked there. All Google services are inaccessible in China, according to the Google Transparency Report, which monitors traffic to the company's sites around the globe. The website, which tracks Internet access in China, also reported that Google sites and searches were being blocked there. 'We've checked and there's nothing wrong on our end,' wrote a Google spokeswoman in an email to Computerworld. As of 5 p.m. ET Friday, (6 a.m. in Beijing) the blockage had been going on for 12 hours. Industry watchers will keep an eye on China to see what happens when its citizens wake up and attempt to go online to check their Gmail accounts or perform Google searches. This latest blockage comes as China is ushering in a change in its government. Every 10 years, China holds its Communist Party Congress, which is focused on appointing new leadership. The 18th Party Congress began on Thursday."
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Google Confirms Services Blocked in China

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