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Submission + - A Sample Security Agenda for Obama's Second Term (

Trailrunner7 writes: When Barack Obama was sworn in four years ago for his first term, there was genuine optimism that he would make meaningful improvements to the security of the nation's critical infrastructure as well as the policies that govern security and privacy in the private sector. After the Bush administration relegated security to afterthought status for much of the 2000s as it concentrated on terrorism and fighting two wars, many in the security community were hopeful things would soon get better. Things certainly have changed, but whether they've improved is a difficult question. With Obama's second term about to begin, there are still plenty of things he can do to effect real change.

For one, forget the cybersecurity bills. None of the bills proposed thus far contains any provisions that would have any major effect on the security of enterprises or consumers. A key component of most of the current proposed measures is some mechanism to give the government access to private information related to threats and attacks. This is going in the wrong direction. Let's see the government start publishing its own attack and vulnerability data before it starts requiring access to private companies' information.

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A Sample Security Agenda for Obama's Second Term

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