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Shatle writes: "I found an interesting CFP program I think is worth investigating. A company called Greene Consulting, who specializes in premiere financial services consulting, has partnered with three exemplary education institutions to offer an
online CFP Program. The universities are:

The University of Georgia — [spam URL stripped]
North Carolina State University — [spam URL stripped]
University of Texas San Antonio — [spam URL stripped]

Right now they are offering a discount for their online CFP program of $1500. Each of the links above will take you to the individual school sites, or you can visit their main site at [spam URL stripped] This site outlines the partnership between the school and the requirements needed to obtain the CFP designation. The CFP requirements is something I have been searching all over the net for — I'm glad to have found it all in one place.

The only other thing to mention is they not only offer free access to three of their live CFP courses, but I also downloaded a free ebook on how best to choose an online CFP program and a comparison checklist between other programs. It's pretty helpful if you're researching different programs.

Anyway, I thought I'd post this here in case this helps anyone else in their quest for information on obtaining their CFP designation.

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Greene Consulting

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