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Submission + - Build Your Small Business with the promotional products and meida (martekopromotional.com)

martekopromotional writes: "Promotional ideas for any budget.

Being a small business owner might be part of the American Dream, but promoting your business can sometimes be a nightmare. With small budgets, limited resources and an often narrow scope of business, getting your name out there can be a challenge. Consider adding promotional products to your advertising mix, along with the three marketing strategies listed here, to gain clients and promote your business in the community.

Host a seminar or presentation
Build credibility and awareness for your business by hosting seminars, classes and presentations in your area of expertise. Be sure to give attendees a little something at the end of the class to help them remember your business, and you can even offer class participants special discounts if they decide to use your services. For example, small accounting firms can host a seminar on preparing for tax season, handing out small calculators or notepads to class participants and offering them a discount on their upcoming tax preparations.

Use your car to promote your business
Your car can be one of your most effective advertising tools, especially in rush hour traffic. Bumper stickers are classic advertising tools for your car, and license plate frames also allow plenty of space for promoting your business. If you're looking to go the extra mile, add a large car magnet to the side of your car to make sure your business gets noticed."

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Build Your Small Business with the promotional products and meida

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