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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Which virtual machine software for a beginner 3

An anonymous reader writes: I am getting ready to start trying out / learning the use of virtual machines. This is for personal use.

It would be good to run both Windows vms and linux vms. Early use would be maintaining multiple Windows installs using only one desktop computer with plenty of cores and memory. I would be starting with a Windows host, but probably later switching to a linux host after i learn more about linux.

Free is good, but reliability and ease of use are better.

What is the current Slashdot choice for a vm beginner:
vmware, zen, virtual box, etc. ???
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Ask Slashdot: Which virtual machine software for a beginner

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  • Vmware Player or Virtual Box are both good starting points on a Windows host, they are free and relatively easy to get started with and use.
    Reliability wise they are fine but Virtual Box seems a bit slower and doesn't really give you an upgrade path like VMWares product line.
    Unless you are looking to eventually upgrading to a MS Server 2008 based Hyper-V system I wouldn't bother starting off with Microsoft's Virtual-PC/XP-Mode product.

    I have no experience with Xen, so can't comment on it, but I'm sure someo

    • by sjames ( 1099 )

      I don't have experience with Xen, but KVM works well if the host's CPU has the visualization instructions. virt-manager works well for managing VMs on multiple hosts at once. If the virtualization instructions aren't available, KVM will run at glacial speeds but VirtualBox will perform well.

  • Virtual Box is very easy to use and thus it is a great way to introduce the concepts of virtual computing. If you have ever installed an OS from a CD then you can get it to work virtually with a CD image or pass-through from a physical disk.

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