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Submission + - SPAM: The Content Acquisition System

shank_tiwari writes: "The Content Acquisition System: How to Give Your Customers What They Want From Your Social Media Campaign

A smart content acquisition system forms the backbone of a strong social media campaign that is capable of providing real value to your customers. Once you have your Twitter feed set up and you begin to build your subscriber base, the next thing you need to do is start delivering high quality content that is relevant to your business. If you are a scrapbooking website, you want to have a way to bring your subscribers a steady stream of relevant, useful information about scrap-booking. If you are a website that talks about investment or offers investment advice, you want to provide a stream of investment news that is related to your company or things that your business can directly offer. Content Acquisition allows you to do this by helping you discover content that would be valuable to your customers.

What is Content Acquisition?

Content acquisition means investigating blogs, web pages and other sources to find content that your customers want, reviewing the content you do find to determine what you think would be the most valuable to your customers, and then bringing it to them in the form of blog posts, re-tweets, and useful links that you put either on your company blog or social media feed. This method works much like the youth training system in football. In youth football, you have a pool of prospects, you filter out the ones you don’t want and bring the rest into your football academy. At the academy, you observe, groom, and review the players you have, eliminating the ones with less potential and trying to pick out the cream of the crop.

The Scouting Process

In content acquisition, you first want to build a steady stream of content for yourself so that you have a bunch of “candidate content”, material that is related to your business but isn’t necessarily something you’re going to post. For this task you can use online services like Google Reader that can help you find blog or web page content that is relevant to your specific business. In later posts we will talk about using Google reader and how it can really give a boost to your social media campaign. Google reader lets you find blogs or web pages that consistently post information about your topic. Note that it doesn’t just find articles about your topic, it finds whole web pages devoted to your topic that are constantly being updated with new content. In doing so, it essentially provides you with a unlimited stream of high quality content.

Picking Winners

Once you have a steady stream of candidate content, you can begin the reviewing process. Google Reader can help you by sorting blog posts and other articles into pre-defined categories, allowing you to quickly and easily browse through the content you want and helping you to deliver a good mix of articles to your subscribers. Start by looking through the articles and thinking about what you would want to re-tweet for your clients, or what topic you might want to cover in a blog post on your own website. You should focus on content that is informative, targeted and current.

This type of content could come in many forms. Some blogs post news articles or reviews related to new or upcoming products. If you offer goods or services in the technology industry, your customers would love to read reviews about upcoming gadgets and new apps for the tablets or smartphones they already own. Other blogs post critiques or comparisons, talking about the differences between one product and another. If customers are coming to you looking for information on new technology, you are building a relationship or trust and expertise that can ultimately help you sell your products.

The content acquisition system is both an important and powerful tool for providing you with contact for your social media campaign. In an ongoing series, we will continue to develop the Content Acquisition System, along with advice for using Google Reader, identifying the interests of your target audience so you can provide content they want, and how to pick great Google Reader topics that your customers will love. Keep checking back!

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The Content Acquisition System

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