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Submission + - Canada Resumes Nuclear Trade with India (theglobeandmail.com)

SchrodingerZ writes: "Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on his recent trip to India, reopened the trading of Canadian nuclear material with India for the first time in four decades. Canada will once again supply India with uranium and nuclear hardware, used for the growing power industry Asia. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's spokesperson reiterates, that "The two countries have agreed that “uranium will only be going to those [nuclear] facilities inspected by the IAEA." In the past India and Canada traded nuclear material until 1976 when India tested its first ever plutonium bomb using Canadian material. Since then Canada has stopped all nuclear trade with the country. Mr. Harper, having spent 6 days in India, met with India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and negotiated the resumption of their nuclear trading. In 2010 a similar agreement was made, but was scrapped by Canada's insistence to verify where their nuclear material was going. Both sides believe this will be beneficial in the creation of jobs and power to run India's fast growing economy."
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Canada Resumes Nuclear Trade with India

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