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Submission + - What Obama's Win Means for Cyber Warfare (ibtimes.co.uk) 2

DavidGilbert99 writes: "With Barack Obama overseeing a rapid and aggressive increase in cyber espionage during his first term in office, particularly the Stuxnet and Flame attacks, what will his re-election mean for the cyber security landscape.

Sean Sullivan, security expert from F-Secure believes it will be more of the same:

“Much of the focus on cyber-security data exchanges is related to concerns of targeted attacks and Chinese espionage. With such efforts being focused on “defensive” cyber-security — I think it is also safe to predict that the Obama administration will continue its course of offensive cyber-attack capabilities. Cyber-espionage is likely to escalate (at the very least until the question of Iran and its nuclear program is settled)."

Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro agrees:

Obama has a history of making commitments both in terms of policy and budget to cyber security preparedness. This, along with the hawkish stance of Leon Panetta on potential changes to rules of cyber engagement, appears to represent a political direction that is set to continue. So how will cyber-security fare? High on the agenda, business as usual.”"

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What Obama's Win Means for Cyber Warfare

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  • Do you have any evidence the US financed Stuxnet? Stux is the location where you find the Devil's stone, probably an old Germanic pagan symbol. Stux targeted Siemens machines.
  • If we even take a passing look at the bulk of Obama's campaign financiers we should be extremely concerned about what his election means for cyber war. Unfortunately though, this seems to be a developing trend internationally, and consequentially the militarization of cyber space has continued to proceed unmolested across the globe. Naturally, concerns like privacy are going to be some of the first casualties. I'm sure Dr. Geist up in Ottawa has some great analysis brewing on this.

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