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Submission + - President Obama's Record Tweet Caps Successful Election Day For Twitter (ibtimes.com)

redletterdave writes: "Minutes after several news stations awarded the presidential race in the state of Ohio to President Obama, effectively sealing his re-election, the President's Twitter account posted a message with just three words and a picture. "Four more years," the tweet said. The attached picture showed a happy Barack Obama embracing his wife and First Lady Michelle against a cloudy backdrop. In just a few short hours, the President's tweet became the most popular message of all-time on Twitter, garnering 654,836 retweets and 222,405 favorites. Super Tuesday, in general, was a big success for Twitter, which saw 31 million related tweets posted within a 24-hour period, surging at 327,452 tweets sent off per minute when the race was decided in Obama's favor. Twitter also detailed several other spikes in traffic when news stations called the presidential races in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well as when the polls closed on the East Coast for the first time."
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President Obama's Record Tweet Caps Successful Election Day For Twitter

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