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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Geek tools to better organize my daily life?

An anonymous reader writes: Okay, so like most of Slashdot readers I spend pretty much every waking hour in front of the computer. Which means the rest of my life is in vast disarray, more so now that I'm a daddy. I forget when the car registration is due (they no longer mail out reminders in MA), I forget dentist appts, the bathroom looks like a frat house after a party, the laundry seems to never get done, car maintenance happens only when something prevents the car from getting from point A to B. A simple online calendar program isn't really enough because 1) I use Linux at home and Windows online and 2) I don't want my schedules and appts and life to be in the cloud (as it would be with a Google Cal) and 3) I don't even manage to write down a lot of what should be written in the calendar. Many calendars have the basic US holidays included, but is there anything out there that has other stuff as well? For example, car tune ups? Vaccuming/housework? Think "plugins" where someone who is a car buff could create a list of basic maintenance dates..."oil change every three months" "yearly tuneup" etc. And I could choose the ones that make sense and have a calendar that will really greatly help me organize my life...without me having to remember to put all these items in?
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Ask Slashdot: Geek tools to better organize my daily life?

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