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Submission + - ARM programming for dummies. 1

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Sorry to go off topic, and get away from the serious discussions of things like the US Presidential Election that Slashdot is known for.

I'm interested in learning how to program ARM processors, as well as learning some of the evolution of ARM instruction set, register structure, interrupt structure etc.

So can anyone give any suggestions about the best way to approach to take?
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ARM programming for dummies.

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  • Hi MouseTheLuckyDog,
    What I will explain here is how I get into ARM development, however there are many other ways to learn how ARM architecture works. First, you should read a document about how the architecture differs from other architecture such as x86. I can recommend you a good book about ARM architecture, it contains many information about the architecture (of course), the instruction set, how to do task scheduling, how the interrupts are working, etc. It is very interesting, especially if you love

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