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An anonymous reader writes: I've just moved my business operations to a new company and thought it made perfect sense to inform my contacts about it before deactivating or deleting my skype account after a few years. The core of my new activity is developing a competitor to the skype protocol so being associated with their brand might potentially harm my new endeavors. So I started to browse around but to my surprise there's NO way as their support page clearly explains: where they explain that "unfortunately" you can't. Now, that word "unfortunately" sounds more like mockery to me than anything else and how is it even possible they can lawfully get away with it? Would resort to legal action a viable option? I want and need to get out of their system / search directory. What is a slashdotter supposed to do here?
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Big Bro series: You CAN'T delete a skype account...

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  • to think things get deleted any more is a myth from ever search, email and txt you send it will all be stored and archived heck i still messages on facebook i got 4 years ago i thought i deleted untell thy decided to let people see them with the archive sec thy just put in

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