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Submission + - Why Halo—the books, the web series, the game, the DLC, all of it—is

malachiorion writes: I wrote this story for Popular Mechanics about why Halo's full output of content—the current trilogies, the excellent web series, the game, and the downloadable story-based missions that follow—represent the rebirth of pulp. If that sounds familiar, I referenced Marc Bernardin's io9 post, about how video games are the new pulp...but I argue that he's off-base, because game franchises don't come out fast enough, and are closer to Hollywood in terms of budget and output. But when you look at the entire range of narrative coming out of Halo, for example, that's a very different story.


If nothing else, there are some interesting Greg Bear quotes in there.
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Why Halo—the books, the web series, the game, the DLC, all of it—is

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