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SternisheFan writes: by Kyle Orland, ArsTechnica: When Microsoft first revealed its Surface tablet back in June, many in the rumor mill were expecting the company to reveal a gaming-focused "Xbox Surface," based on leaked documents pointing to such a tablet. Those rumors have resurfaced again, with The Verge reporting today that Microsoft is working on a final implementation of a 7-inch tablet tuned for gaming. The Verge's unnamed source says the previously leaked specs for the tablet were indeed accurate, meaning the system would include a 7-inch, 1280×720 screen, 288MB of RAM, and a "custom IBM engine for scale-out workloads." Those specs could be altered to allow for different models independent of one specific hardware architecture, however.
    The tablet will supposedly run a small Windows kernel rather than the full version of Windows that the 10-inch Surface tablet uses, and will work in conjunction with a "stationary computing device" that could be a next-generation Xbox, as outlined in another leaked Microsoft document from the summer. The Verge claims that the full console will be built by contract manufacturers like Pegatron and Foxconn, but that the tablet will be built by the same secret manufacturing process used for the Surface. The Xbox tablet would be released in 2013, ahead of a next-generation console. If true, a branded Xbox Tablet might serve as a cheaper, entry-level way into Microsoft's set of SmartGlass features, which extends the Xbox 360 gaming experience to full-fledged Windows 8 and Android tablets, and will soon also work on iOS devices as well. By marketing an Xbox Tablet as a companion gaming device for the home console rather than a more full-fledged computing tablet, it could help fill a low-end niche in the company's tablet line-up.

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Report: Microsoft going to production with 7-inch "Xbox Surface"

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  • First, will it have physical buttons? Second, will it have a counterpart to the iOS developer program and the Xbox 360's XNA program for smaller developers?

    As for the first, this leak [] claims that the Xbox Surface will have a multi-touch screen, but multi-touch screens are nowhere near the best choice for some game genres. It also claims "Support for up to four wireless game controllers", but those might not be bundled, meaning developers can't rely on their being present. It doesn't appear to mean a conf

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