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Submission + - Election 2012: Social media hits the tipping point (

concealment writes: "The media duly took note of the occasion. In fact, each time there's big news — Hurricane Sandy or a presidential debate — the media quickly inform us how the event is playing out on social media. Indeed, we've come to expect such details as tweets per minute, and even tweets per second. But this seeming fascination with all things social as something separate, even novel, maybe a fleeting phenomenon, as 2012 could be a turning point of sorts — the last U.S. presidential election in which the media pore over every detail about what's going on with social media.

Why? At some point, it's simply no longer surprising. It

First, however, the Internet will need to play an even bigger role in an election than it currently does. And that, says Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley's best-known and often spot-on prognosticators, is inevitable."

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Election 2012: Social media hits the tipping point

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