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Submission + - Meet the New Apple same as the Old Microsoft (

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Back before 1995, we kept seeing Microsoft defending certain ways that DOS/Windows/MS made it hard for competitors. The typical excuse was that "it was an accident". It was an accident that 1-2-3 would not run on Dos 2. It was an accident that a warning dialog box about a bad copy of DOS popped up, It was an accident that MS used Stac's compression in DOS. It was an accident that MS was slow to give Novell apis.

Now we have Apple giving the finger to the Queen of England for the second time in a week. No doubt they will claim this was an "acccident". This smells like the same disregard for the legal system as Microsoft. So has Apple become the new Microsoft?

PS: I am not underestimating MSs ability to wreak havoc anymore, however after more then fifteen years of legal battles in the US and in the EU, and changes in the technology world, it seems a lot of bite has gone out of their sting.

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Meet the New Apple same as the Old Microsoft

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