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Submission + - Skype illegally hands personal details to IT-firm (www.nu.nl) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Without a warrant Skype hands personal details of a 16-year old boy to a security firm. They provide this to police for a criminal case against a member of Anonymous. The security firm wanted to stop the boy in attacking Paypal as a part of Operation Payback where people rebelled against companies that boycotted Wikileaks.

The police didn't ask for the information yet got it anyway.

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Skype illegally hands personal details to IT-firm

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  • You seem to be a little backwards on how warrants work. Warrants are tools for the police officers to obtain information that they might not otherwise be privy to, they are not a restriction on what information the police are able to have. Your statement, "The police didn't ask for the information yet got it anyway." seems to indicate you believe that the police aren't authorized to be in possession of any data they didn't have a warrant for; this is completely untrue. The police can ask for whatever data t

    • by AHuxley ( 892839 )
      Warrants or some .gov legal clarifying letter are used to ensure the legal process is followed.
      Police usually like to take the long view, track as many people as they can, turn the useful ones and get great PR and future funding.
      This takes time and can be fail if a wealthy family is caught up and gets better than average legal team.
      Most parts of the world have very strict privacy laws and no "company is free to decide" anything about users data without a court document or some real time
      sensitive issue-

Can anyone remember when the times were not hard, and money not scarce?