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Submission + - DragonFly BSD 3.2 Released 1

An anonymous reader writes: DragonFly BSD 3.2 has been released. Among many changes, "Significant work has gone into the scheduler to improve performance, using postgres benchmarking as a measure. See the PDF of graphed results to see the improvements. DragonFly should be now one of the best selections for Postgres and other databases." At any rate, DragonFly now comes very close to Scientific Linux and significantly outperforms the other BSDs.
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DragonFly BSD 3.2 Released

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  • They may be faster ( and most likely is as that is their project goal ), but they are comparing their release to several RCs, which i dont think is cool. I dont feel that is a true representation of what is going on. I would prefer to see it with actual released 'competition', even if that means comparing to the 'previous' version of one distribution/kernel or another.

    I would also like to see the same tests run on a few more Linux kernels and some commercial OS offerings like Solaris and windows, just to be

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