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Submission + - Was saving this data center worth the risk? ( 1

dcblogs writes: The effort to keep a data center running in a flood damaged building at 75 Broad St. in lower Manhattan is certainly inspiring. The basement was flooded, disabling a fuel pumping system that supplied a generator on the roof. Customers and data center staff carried fuel up 17 flights of steps, via a bucket brigade, to keep a rooftop generator running. They clearly saved the day. But was it worth the risk? This building was either directly in the evacuation zone or on the cusp.The flood waters reached a height of four feet in the lobby, so it is fair to say that the building was clearly in a high risk area and flooding was anticipated. What was the condition of the building fire suppression systems? Was the fire alarm system operational? What if a fuel bucket had been dropped and fuel spilled down the steps?
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Was saving this data center worth the risk?

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  • What if a fuel bucket had been dropped and fuel spilled down the steps?

    So what if it did; there's a reason diesel is used in situations like this - it's very difficult to ignite, unlike gasoline.

    I'm thinking the biggest risk is muscle strain. Or maybe someone slipping on spilt fuel.

    And yes, fire doors may have been propped open, but without any power in the building, I'm guessing risk of fire would be minimal.

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