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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Next career steps for developer turning engineer

An anonymous reader writes: I currently work as a "practice lead" at a medium-sized consulting firm, which is to say I manage a team of 6-10 PHP/LAMP programmers to build enterprise CMSs and applications. While I enjoy what I do, I've recently been considering a second bachelors degree and really a new career in engineering. Specifically I'm interested in the combination of mechanics, electronics, and computing, which is currently pointing me towards the mechatronics field of engineering. My goal is to be able to understand, from start to finish, how an "electronic" product is designed, manufactured, and brought to market. My challenge is finding the right program; I have 2 masters degrees (statistics and an MBA) but lack the core math/physics knowledge that any engineering student should grasp. I have 10+ years experience programming (Perl, Python, PHP, VB, nothing in C or C++) and needless to say would like to learn more CS theory. So my question /.: What programs/disciplines do you recommend? What should I study on my own vs. what to study in the university? What skills should I expect to learn on-the-job vs. in the university?
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Ask Slashdot: Next career steps for developer turning engineer

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