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Submission + - 42 European Nobel Laureates, 5 Fields Medalists, 30 000 researcher for research (no-cuts-on-research.eu)

An anonymous reader writes: 42 European Nobel Laureates and 5 Fields Medalists recently published in the major European newspapers an open letter http://www.no-cuts-on-research.eu/index.php?file=press.htm to reaffirm the research budget is crucial for achieving economic prosperity and solutions for global challenges.
A petition http://www.no-cuts-on-research.eu/index.php?file=petition.htm , coordinated by the initiative for science in Europe (ISE http://www.i-se.org/ ), was proposed 2010 10 23 and ERC Starting Grant holder and Nobel Laureate Konstantin Novoselov http://www.condmat.physics.manchester.ac.uk/people/academic/novoselov/ is first to sign: "Europe needs to adapt a forward-looking approach that promotes risky though thoughtful and challenging research. The ERC provides the most adequate support for research in Europe and the scope of its activities should be broadened."
After on day : 33 109 signatures,

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42 European Nobel Laureates, 5 Fields Medalists, 30 000 researcher for research

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