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Submission + - Advice Wanted: Celebrity Stepping on the Little Guy 6

SkydiverFL writes: "The attorney of a well known celebrity just called and threatened me. Years ago I registered a domain with the celebrity's name for a fan page (basically Although the fan page pays homage to this celebrity, does not sell anything, does not profit, and has no commercial ties to anything (no links to any other sites at the moment), he wants to rip the domain from my hands if I do not surrender it. His client wants to profit from the domain and it appears that I just simply do not matter. Now, because I genuinely do like the celebrity I agreed to entertain an offer from him, but that just lead to ICANN threats. This just sickens me! Because he has money I don't matter. What would you do?"
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Advice Wanted: Celebrity Stepping on the Little Guy

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  • You don't need it, sell it to them for at least the registration fee plus maybe a bit for your time, or just let it expire. Don't try to make a load on it, else you're probably "cyber-squatting" and they can just take it.

    Then, as said elsewhere, forget about freaking celebrities! They're so damned insignificant.

    Spent your energy making yourself someone that a celebrity might be interested in talking to (i.e. knowledgible in a field other than trivia or entertainment), accomplish something that interests y

  • Keep in mind that depending on how big the celeb is, they may have no idea that this is even happening.

    If you really are a fan hand it over for reasonable cost, ie your costs for domain registration, but make it clear that you feel hurt and unappreciated by the celeb and would like to know if they are aware of how they have been represented by their lawyer.

    If they have pissed you off and you're no longer feeling fannish then post the letter on the site, outline your grievances, post the celbs name and links

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