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Submission + - India Patent Authority Has Big Pharma Worried ( 2

dgharmon writes: When the government of India revoked U.S. drug maker Pfizer Inc.’s local patent for its cancer drug Sutent last week, it marked yet another loss for Big Pharma in an escalating patent war between multinational pharmaceutical companies and the governments of developing nations.
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India Patent Authority Has Big Pharma Worried

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  • One big reason is the pharmaceutical industry and their lock in with the FDA that drugs made by manufacturers in other countries are not as good as those from good old US companies. The FDA does its best to also protect that industry with regulations and soft walls to inhibit competition from third world nations who import drugs into the US. India it seems is trying to break that strangle hold and right or wrong, I guess if they feel that the drugs being patented or asking for patent protection in India a

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