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Submission + - Beamatron - Steerable AR Lets You Play Games In Your Room (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: Take one Kinect and one projector, add suitable software and you have Microsoft Research’s Beamatron, an immersive augmented reality environment that lets you interact with virtual objects and lets virtual objects interact with you. It uses a projector and Kinect on a steerable platform on the ceiling to scan and project to the entire room.
The example given in the video is of a car that can be driven around the room interacting with objects in it — e.g. it bumps into wall and drives up ramps.
As well as the potential for games Microsoft Research suggest that it could be used to place important messages in front of the user. That urgent tweet or the tax demand you have been trying to avoid might just have a way to keep themselves in your view.

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Beamatron - Steerable AR Lets You Play Games In Your Room

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