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Submission + - Accelerometer for Physics Experiments. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Hi Slashdot,
    I am in a high school Physics class and for a recent experiment to measure the acceleration due to gravity our teacher had us drop NXT bricks with accelerometers off of balconies to be caught by someone below. The problem was as you might guess and fortunately never happened was that if the NXT was missed $200 of NXT and sensors would be destroyed. As we were preforming the experiment I thought of a way to replicate the experiment with an Arduino and accelerometer for $50. Hope you like it!

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Accelerometer for Physics Experiments.

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  • Excellent post and cool savings! However, I notice that you say that the accelerometer would give a Z value of 1 even at rest. Is that correct? Shouldn't the Z-acceleration be zero if the object is at rest? Even if gravity has a force of g*m downwards, the object it is resting on is applying a force of g*m upwards to balance it out and keep the object at a standstill. ???

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