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pigrabbitbear writes: "Voting is a pain in the ass. First of all, there are lines, unpredictable lines that leave some out in the November cold while they’re waiting to do their civic duty. Then, with all of these new voter ID laws popping up, there’s all kinds of red tape. “Do I need to bring my Social Security card?” you might ask yourself. “How about my passport, a copy of my most recent utility bill, an expired library card? What’s it take to prove you’re American these days?” And inevitably, you’re going to miss some work since Election Day is always a Tuesday. For salaried employees, this is probably just annoying — or a relief depending on how much you like your job. But for hourly employees, this means lost wages. So in a way, you have to pay to vote. No wonder voter turnout is so low."
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Why Isn't Election Day a National Holiday?

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  • by smooth wombat ( 796938 ) on Thursday October 11, 2012 @03:22PM (#41622143) Journal

    If you can't get up a few minutes earlier or voting after you get off work, having an entire day to vote won't make a difference because people will still find an excuse for why they didn't vote.

    To use an example, Thanksgiving. How many people really make the effort to understand what that day is about? If you're lucky, 0.5% do. The rest, me included, use it as a day to get together with friends and/or family to stuff our faces and relax, and maybe watch a football game. Though I'm sure if you asked the folks on here, most would say they sit in front of a radiation producing device and shoot it out with other people from around the world.

    People need to stop whining about how much effort it takes on two days out an entire year to either get up early or take a trip after work to vote.

    If you're that interested in making sure you can vote, you'll find a way.

    • Two follow-up points:

      1) Yes, I should have used hoo rather than who. Deal with it.

      2) If a person is hourly, they wouldn't get paid on a national holiday. So congrats on wanting to hurt the very people you claim to want to help by making sure there are two other days in the year they won't get paid.

      • by tomhath ( 637240 )
        3) We already have too many national holidays. Most places (except government and bank employees) don't get every one off as it is. Adding another day is a waste of taxpayer dollars; it would only mean another day off for bureaucrats and teachers.
  • For instance, Australia always puts elections on a Saturday.

    Then, too, Australia also has a Federal election commission, unlike the many state-based ones in the US. And mandatory voting, too. And pencil-on-paper ballots. And instant run-off. And we almost always know the result of the election before midnight of the election day.

    Remind me again what is so great about how voting works in the US? It sounds very broken, actually.

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