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Submission + - Google Co-Opts 'An Awesome Book!'

theodp writes: Those who catch Google's new 'An Awesome World!' TV ad campaign may get the impression that the mad success artist/poet/dreamer/dad Dallas Clayton had with his self-published children's book An Awesome Book!' had everything to with Google+. Rejected by publishers, Clayton is shown signed-in to Google+ while searching for 'how to self-publish a book.' With that obstacle overcome, Clayton's book becomes the subject of favorable Google+ posts and starts getting +1'd on other websites as well. Success ensues, and Clayton's Google+ site is soon adorned with pics from his book tour. Clayton is indeed a pretty 'Awesome' success story, but it's hard to see what Google+ had to do with his initial success. After all, if you visit the website of the +1'd An Awesome Book! interview featured in Google's commercial, you'll see it carries a date of 'Tuesday 11 May 2010' (not shown in the ad). Google+ wasn't introduced to the world until more than a year later, on June 28, 2011. And if Clayton did Google for 'how to self-publish,' he did so long before the debut of Google+ — a launch party for An Awesome Book'! was hosted by Bjork in LA in 2008. It's hard to blame Clayton, who comes across as an even more likable free spirit in a video that pre-dated the slick Googlified version, for this Google+ advertising tomfoolery. On the other hand, Google Marketing — which blogged that it heard of Clayton's tale 'a few months ago' — probably deserves consideration for Cracked's list of Great Things Co-Opted by Douchebags!
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Google Co-Opts 'An Awesome Book!'

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