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Submission + - Is mobile broadband a luxury or human right? ( 1

concealment writes: "Moderating a discussion on the future of broadband, Mashable editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff tossed a provocative question to the audience: "By quick show of hands, how many out there think that broadband is a luxury?"

Next question: "How many out there think it is a human right?" That option easily carried the audience vote."

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Is mobile broadband a luxury or human right?

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  • There is only one basic human right: to be in control of yourself and your possessions until you come in conflict with somebody else's similar right. To be left alone if you want, to interact with friends if you want, to say what you want and do what you want, as long as you leave alone people who want to be left alone.

    Nothing else is a basic human right. Not even food or water, if it comes by means of taking it from somebody else.

    To equate any kind of internet access, let alone broadband, with human righ

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