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Submission + - Bogus Bad Piggies Plug-Ins Infect 80,000 ( 1

judgecorp writes: "If you wanted another reason to avoid Bad Piggies, the follow up to Roxio's absurdly popular Angry Birds, how about the fact that it's attracting massive malware campaigns? Of course, to fall for it you have to be dumb — downloading a plug-in purporting to be a Chrome version of the game when no such thing exists. No one would do that, right? No wait, 80,000 people did."
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Bogus Bad Piggies Plug-Ins Infect 80,000

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  • First of all, I didn't download any piggies, good or bad, at all. But as someone who doesn't generally get bitten in the ass by this sort of thing, I'm concerned that I don't understand why I would be expected to know which versions of a game exist or do not. What is it that makes a Chrome version of the game so obviously a trap? Or am I really dumb? Please be gentle.

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