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Submission + - Best Professional Services Tools For Enterprise Software Project Management? 1

unteer writes: "I am an enterprise software implementation consultant/project manager working for a smaller company. Currently I use a variety of tools throughout my work day. For example, I am a fan of the no-nonsense Toggl for my time tracking. I've also tried a variety of to-do lists, and sticky-note applications. Finally, I've used MS Excel for tracking project schedules and resource allocation, and MS Outlook for email, contacts and calendaring. It doesn't help that all of this still feeds into my company's chosen professional services webapp.

What are some of the best, light-weight, single-purpose applications useful for a software consultant or project manager? For example, what are your experiences with Tom's Planner? What is your favourite To Do list? What are some great Outlook extensions you cannot live without?"
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Best Professional Services Tools For Enterprise Software Project Management?

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