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JabrTheHut writes: I'll be packing up and moving to another continent soon. Everything I own will be packed up into boxes and loaded onto a cargo container, which in turn will be loaded onto a ship and will sail from Northern Europe, through the Equator and then to it's final destination. It will be in transit for up to 8 weeks. What do I need to do to ensure my stuff survives the trip? I've got anti-static bags and silica gel for graphics cards and hard disks, which won't be in the computers, mostly, when they move, and some of what I own will be crated in order to protect both against physical damage and humidity. I'll throw in a couple of packets of silica gel into each box or crate. Clothes get moth balls. But what have I missed? Will the printer ink survive? Do I have to worry about batteries? What haven't I thought of?
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Transporting Computers by Cargo Ship

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  • I would pull the batteries. This helps prevent further damage if water does get in. Also some batteries maybe illegal to ship without proper casing. I am thinking of sealed lead-acid in UPS (toxic) and possibly Li-ion (fire).

    Expendables, like open ink-jet printer carriages or toner in laser-jets, toss The issue is leakage, not just damaging the printers, but other near by items.

    And of course you are not shipping cleaning supplies, like ammonia and bleach. If they leak, yes toxic, but together can start

Disks travel in packs.