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Submission + - Apple's New iPhone is Popular -- with Crooks

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "A mini-crime wave is rolling out across the nation as crooks clamor to get their hands on the tech giant's latest gadget as Patrick May reports that the iPhone 5 has quickly become the smartphone de rigueur for thieves and robbers throughout the land who are whipping out guns and assaulting people for the mobile devices. "Then basically they do a quick turnaround and sell it on the black market somewhere in the city, where they make a profit and then go rob more people," says San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza. Victims are also losing iPads, MP3 players as well as Android devices said Esparza adding that through the end of August, there were 2,374 robberies, and of those 1,199 involved cellphones. "Just before the new iPhone came out, we had a record low in thefts for the year," says New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly noting that so far this year 11,447 Apple products have been stolen in the Big Apple, with the highly touted release of the iPhone 5 putting the department on higher alert. "It's as if the criminals were waiting for the new version. After all, why steal an iPhone 4S when they can steal an iPhone 5?""
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Apple's New iPhone is Popular -- with Crooks

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