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Submission + - EMC's Tucci Predicts End of Disk Arrays (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "The days of the all-disk storage array are nearly over, EMC chief executive Jim Tucci told attendees at Oracle’s Open World conference Oct. 2.

Tucci was also on hand to tout the rise of the software-defined data center, which EMC is realizing through a partnership with Cisco. Tucci also thanked Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison for the warm welcome during the latter’s keynote—a gentle skewering, considering how Ellison took shots at the performance of EMC and IBM hardware compared to Oracle’s own Exadata arrays.

“The other phenomenon that’s happening is that there’s different places to physically put storage,” Tucci said. “You can put a PCIe card right in the server. You can take a set of cards and put them in the server network the Infiniband network. And you can put them in a storage network, and you can have all flash arrays or hybrid arrays. And then you can have all disk arrays.”

In the future, he continued, all-disk arrays will fade from view. “Almost every array we build has some disk, some flash in it.”"

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EMC's Tucci Predicts End of Disk Arrays

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