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Submission + - Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Antipiracy Catches Non Pirates ( 2

ciscoguy01 writes: The Microsoft WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) antipiracy program aims to reduce software piracy.
I needed a driver for my Microsoft hardware. I went to Microsoft's download site, found the needed driver and started the download. As a Firefox user I was prompted to download the genuinecheck.exe program to verify I hadn't pirated Microsoft Windows. No problem. It's a PITA but what the heck. I needed the driver. The genuinecheck.exe program I downloaded is here:
I ran it, and it said "This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage Tool is expired. Please download a new version". The problem is there is no new version.
This program failure prevents all Microsoft customers from downloading needed software without using the IE ActiveX solution which I am not willing to use. This has been going on for several weeks and there are a number of posts on the Microsoft support forums about this, but Microsoft either has not woken up to the fact their standalone tool has expired.
I tried but was unable to reach anyone at Microsoft that can update the standalone tool, but I did get an offshore support tech who offered to charge me $99 to solve the problem. Heh.
I told him I would help Microsoft solve the problem of an expired file on their web server for $99.

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Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Antipiracy Catches Non Pirates

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  • pirates will just sneak their drivers from buddies with the corporate library. Joe Average is the only person who gets shafted, and I've had to fight the goons several times.

    • Probably. When this came up I looked on the Microsoft online store to see if I could order some hardware that needed that driver.
      Then, I could place a support call and Microsoft would have to deal with it.
      Alas, I didn't find anything that would need that driver for sale at this time by Microsoft.

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