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martypantsROK writes: "After nearly seven years of living abroad, I'm planning to return to the USA in early 2013. Last time I lived there, smart phones weren't out yet, dropped calls were common and poor reception (can you hear me now?) was an ad campaign. I'm used to South Korea's wicked speeds, both internet and wireless networks, and wondering what the slashdot community believes to be best carrier in the USA. Which is fastest? Which offers the best deal for unlimited data? Nationwide roaming and coverage? Prices? Service?"
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Best phone carrier in the US

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  • I can only offer my personal observations... You can get amazing speed on some networks that cover massively urban areas in the Big City and little else... or you can get coverage that works just about everywhere including out in the sagebrush where I live...

    Verizon seems to be everywhere... reasonably fast... with 4G reaching clear up to my place at 4,200 feet overlooking a valley with 40K total residents...

    I can't get a decent internet connection, point to point is all that reaches here, but the 4G

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