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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Glitch Slows Paypal Transfers, But Boosts Security (techweekeurope.co.uk) 2

judgecorp writes: "Paypal transactions are being slowed down by additional security checks after an update which was ironically supposed to speed the system up. The online payment system implemented changes which were designed to let money transfer from users' bank accounts in a matter of hours, instead of the previous three working days. As a result, however, more transactions are being referred for security checks — so the is slowed down and "somewhat overloaded", Paypal says."
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Glitch Slows Paypal Transfers, But Boosts Security

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  • I wish ebay had better options, but honestly I do most of my online shopping at Amazon or use the Amazon payment option when available. PayPal has kind of become a second class payment method for me

    • by rjr162 ( 69736 )

      Oh forgot to mention, with all the angst with PayPal you can find here on slashdot, I find it kind of funny that PayPal is the only option you have if you wanted to buy a slashdot subscription

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