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Submission + - You use Linux? What was your distro order? ( 6

colinneagle writes: Linux dude Bryan Lunduke blogged here about the top three approaches he thinks are the easiest for new users to pick up Linux. Lunduke's, for example, went Ubuntu -> Arch -> openSUSE.

It begs a question that Slashdot could answer well in the comments: what's your distro use order from beginning to now? Maybe we could spot some trends.

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You use Linux? What was your distro order?

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  • I don't really keep track of the order of the distros I used. I try many distros, go back and forward on each, and sometimes end up using several at the same time. So I for one can not give you an order to my distro usage. Still I did notice a bit of a trend on my choices. I seem to be trending away from 'hands-on' distros, like Gentoo and Fedora, to 'hands-off' distros, like Ubuntu and Mint. Hope it helps.

  • ... also, I use different distros for different purposes.
    Ignoring that, this is what my timeline looks, sorted by first use of each distro:

    fli4l suse gentoo ubuntu debian arch

    1. Slackware in 1996
    2. Redhat in 2003
    3. Ubuntu in 2005
    4. #! (CrunchBang) in 2012
    5. and currently Debian in 2012

    I dropped Ubuntu earlier this year over a number of things, most recently Canonical's announcement regarding UEFI. Mark's "Erm, we have root" comment only made that decision permanent.

    • I've used a lot of distros, even before distros were known as distros

      But thanks for the mention of "CrunchBang" which I've not heard of.

      I'll give it a try later today - I have 3 machines specially built to try out new distros :)

  • My order was (AFAIK)
    Conectiva -> Kurumin -> Debian -> Ubuntu -> Gentoo -> Ubuntu

    I went back to Ubuntu because I wanted to reduce fragmentation. Ubuntu works as well as Gentoo, although it is less fun. If every Linux user chooses a different distribution that maximizes his fun, our small community will be hopelessly fragmented.

    So I went back to Ubuntu to help it achieve critical mass.

  • Like many people before me i "distro hoped" my way through most of the major Linux Distros, and some smaller ones
    im sure this isnt all of them but its as best as i can remember


    I currently have 2 Linux boxes my desktop running Mint 13 KDE x64 and a NAS box running Arch

    Back in 07 I picked up a Book on Linux at the Library it came with a copy of Fedora core 7 I loved it and have been addicted ever since
    I later moved to Ubuntu till 9.10 then over to Debian Stab

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