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Submission + - Letters From Anthony Flew Published (

BioTitan writes: Once a leading philosophical atheist, Anthony Flew shocked the community when he turned apologist and published his book, “There Is a God,” just before his death in 2010. There has been plenty of criticism toward the work, but many of these points are now being clarified by letters Flew wrote to fellow apologist Anthony Horvath. Horvath has published the letters, in Flew’s own handwriting, in his book, "A Defense of the Integrity of Antony Flew’s 'There is a God' From His Own Letters.” Horvath notes that while “It is unreasonable to expect Flew to address in detail every charge that would be made about him years before they are made there are a fair number of instances where specific challenges made by atheist critics can be decisively fought off.”
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Letters From Anthony Flew Published

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